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Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease however every minute a child in Africa dies needless because of it. A coordinated international effort to put a stop to unnecessary malaria deaths has made great strides but more help is needed and needed now.

Malaria No More Canada

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Malaria No More Canada unites governments, business, non-profits and individuals in the shared goal of eradicating malaria.

Malaria No More Canada is determined to drastically reduce deaths due to malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, where malaria takes the life of a child every minute. MNM Canada will work with other NGOs, foundations, the private sector, faith groups and governments toward the goal of reaching zero deaths by 2015 as outlined by the United Nation’s Special Envoy.

MNM Canada focuses on mobilizing government support through the Canadian All-Party Parliamentary Caucus on Ending Malaria, raising public awareness in Canada and collaborating with programmatic investments in Africa.

Through a partnership with The Belinda Stronach Foundation, MNM Canada is the first advocacy organization in Canada committed strictly to the eradication of malaria.

Together, we can make malaria no more. For more information or to get involved please visit