The Belinda Stronach Foundation is dedicated to advancing human potential and achievement
through individual empowerment and social change.  Our efforts depend on the trust and generosity of our supporters.  We respect the personal privacy of all our supporters, including stakeholders and those who participate in our programs, visit us online or attend an event.

The Belinda Stronach Foundation collects personal information for the purposes of informing supporters of its activities and communicating with program stakeholders and participants.  We do not trade, rent or sell this information.  The Foundation may share information with third-party organizations in which it has an explicitly declared partnership.  Such sharing is limited to partnership activities and will be subject to the consent, accessibility and security guidelines herein.
Only information necessary for the fulfillment of our Foundation activities will be collected and maintained.  This information may include donation details required for the Foundation’s compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

At the point of collection, direct consent is required of individuals, and the Foundation will disclose the use and limits of its information gathering.

If you would like to remove, limit, alter or review the personal information the Foundation keeps about you, please call, email, or write to the attention of the Privacy Officer at (416) 531-1919, by fax (416) 531-1918, online at or by mail at 236 Avenue Road, Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5R 2J4.

Any person may request access to his or her own personal information and challenge its accuracy or completeness. The Privacy Officer is committed to maintaining accurate and timely information, reviewing the Foundation’s policy and its procedures on an annual basis, and answering all inquiries.

All personal information is stored in both paper and electronic format in a secure locked location or in an encrypted format.  Access is limited to authorized Foundation staff only.   Information that has not been accessed for more than five years will be deleted in its entirety.